Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adsum Mystery Art Show and Sale 2011

Last night I attended the Adsum for Women & Children Mystery Art Show and Sale. Every year this event is held at FRED Salon, Cafe, and Gallery in support of Adsum for Women & Children.  Numerous artists donate art to the show. The identity of the artist is not on the piece and is only revealed when it is purchased. I participated last year but was unable to go.

What a wonderful event! The art was amazing, and it was neat to see people lined up to buy the art. New, emerging, and established artists participated. The work was beautiful and inspiring. The piece I submitted sold and I was fortunate to meet the lovely couple that purchased it.

Submerged - 12 x 12 - Acrylic on Canvas

My piece at FRED 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting Real

Since I have started painting a year and a half ago, I have been exploring various techniques and styles. I am still trying to find one that really speaks to me. I do see a style emerging, though I don't think it is completely obvious, yet.

I decided that I really needed a challenge that was different than what I have been doing, just to help me solve problems of depth, perspective, and movement.

I chose to do a painting based on a photograph I took this summer while on vacation. I enjoyed doing this painting even though there were numerous problems to solve. I also had to ask myself a lot of questions as the picture was emerging on the canvas such as: "Do I want it to be a real representation of the photo?",  "Do I want it to be loose, relaxed?"

I think I ended up settling somewhere in between, leaning toward the realism side.

I am pleased with how it turn out and subsequently learned a great deal; however I am not sure if there will be many more like it.

Liscombe Falls, Nova Scotia...

Liscombe Falls, NS - Acrylic on Canvas - 12 X 12